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There are many companies offering hosted telephony solutions so why are RPS unique?

RPS have invested in their own network infrastructure, implemented across a range of datacentres owned and run by our award winning partner Zen Internet.

Hence the call you make from your desk travels across a network managed by us, to infrastructure managed by us, then onto the wider major networks of BT, Vodafone, EE etc.

We do not resell other company’s telephone services hence you only deal with us as your ITSP (Internet Telephony Service Provider).

The system not only offers full telephony functionality but RPS also provides this on a fully managed basis meaning all services, support, changes and enhancements are inclusive in our charges along with software upgrades keeping your technology up to date.

Hosted PBX allows you to work from remote locations or your home whilst still appearing as part of the office network. You can use all the same features you would in the office like transferring calls and putting customers on hold. 


Benefits include:

  • Cost saving – You have initial and ongoing cost savings when using Hosted PBX, the solution is typically more cost-effective over a long period than traditional PBX.
  • Local Presence – On the system you can get local virtual numbers meaning you can look like you are based in a city even when you are not physically located there.
  • Work from anywhere – You and your employees have the option to work from anywhere, home, remote office when you use Hosted PBX and the same number will still show up like it would in the office.
  • Hosted PBX is a cost-effective and efficient way to help run your business, get in contact with us today for more information.


Features include:

  • Advanced features such as Voicemail to email. Fax to email and email to fax are all available.
  • A 'common' on site directory, allowing all users access to the same contact database.
  • Out of hours options such as Voicemail, or call diversion to on-call personnel.
  • Telephones can be deployed at remote locations or at home and still appear as part of the overall network enjoying all the same facilities as if at the office.
  • Adding additional telephones be it one or multiple telephones means just the purchase of telephones and a small amount of configuration.
  • As all telephony functionality is performed within the RPS network the system is automatically monitored 24/7 with a sophisticated auto-alarming system tracking all components of the network right down to individual customer sites.

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