Traditional technologies


Nine WholesaleRecognising that for some companies the transition to state of the art VoIP technologies maybe a leap that they are uncertain about making. RPS works with clients to design a system based on traditional technologies or a combined system with VOIP in an integrated solution.

Whichever of the RPS range of solutions a client may choose, network connectivity will be at the heart of the solution to ensure reliable operation.

To this end RPS have partnered with Nine Wholesale to deliver traditional ISDN and analogue circuits for fax lines or incoming calls.


Broadband Solutions



 Where a solution is deployed that utilises broadband be it ADSL or Fibre connectivity, the backbone of the delivery needs to be an analogue line which RPS can either transfer to it’s management or provide as new.  Either way the service is managed by RPS removing the need for clients to interact with multiple companies.

RPS has chosen to partner with the award winning company Zen Internet for their full range of connectivity products from basic ADSL internet service through to high speed managed leased line solutions.

The essence of why RPS have partnered with these suppliers is that they are tried and tested and not only share the same support ethos, but the companies cultured are very much aligned ensuring rapid response when our clients need it.

Our Customers