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Online Backuponlinebackup

We have the simple answer to a complicated problem. We can install software on every computer of your business to work automatically in the background and backup everything from your computer to the Cloud. You don't need to manage anything so you have nothing to worry about. You can easily restore files anytime using the restore software and our online backup works on both PC and Mac.


cloud colaberation


Cloud Collaboration

We can use Cloud Collaboration on your computers so you can see the same files on all your office computers. You can also work on the same files as your colleagues, see who has changed what and hot desk easily. Every employee can have their own private space but you can also create Team Folders that groups of employees can open and edit together.




Web Sharing

We can set up your own web portal so you share files easily. With just a few clicks you can share any file via the Cloud. If you want to share privately a link can be sent via a secure link, you can also share files publicly. 



cloud syncCloud Sync

Sync files between your PCs meaning you can use multiple computers, work on the road and even take your work home if necessary


Cloud Storage

Access everything via Cloud storage, get full FTP, SFTP and WebDAV access.


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