Wilson Devonald Griffiths John are leading legal experts in South Wales, with a wealth of experience they assist with a variety of legal issues, their specilism being youth courts. Their offices are located in Swansea and Haverfordwest.


 "We were paying over the odds for call charges on our old VoIP phone system. Even internal calls between colleagues in different offices were charged. Your VoIP solution side-lined these issues.We now save on call charges and enjoy seamless, free conversations between colleagues on phone extensions across our offices.

Unexpectedly, we no longer require a receptionist to answer each incoming call. We now answer phones much faster as any member of the
team can now pick up incoming calls, including solicitors and Directors. When coupled with our centralised digital document system, clients are
delighted the person who answers their call can also instantly respond to their query.
From installation through to training and everyday use, our new VoIP phone system and your service has truly delivered. You set the bar for our expectations very high and you met them in every respect. Just as you do with your ongoing support.
We now have a flexible new phone system that reduces our costs, improves the efficiency of our practice and enhances our client experience. What more could we ask for?"
John Tarrant, Director, Wilson Devonald Griffiths Jon Ltd, Swansea & Haverfordwest
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