A survey completed by Basekit last month found a massive 51% of decision makers in SMEs felt their business would perform better if they didn’t have to worry about multiple suppliers.

Basekit surveyed 500 decision makers in business with 25 employees or less and it was surprising what they found.

Over a third of businesses had no idea of how many external suppliers they used. 40% of those that did know which suppliers they used more than three suppliers.

Odd it seems that when surveyed about their personal services almost half of them revealed they currently bundle their services such as: phone, broadband and TV all with one supplier yet 40% of SMEs have to manage multiple payments each month.

Basekit CEO, Juan Lobato added, “Consumer demands high quality, seamless services, both at work and at home. Trying to manage multiple service providers in high stress situations directly correlates with a service provider’s customer churn. Creating a ‘one stop shop’ will take the pressure off SMEs whilst creating a sticky approach for service providers that reduces churn”

Smaller, more dynamic companies often won’t have an IT or facilities department to take care of their suppliers and this is a big issue for SMEs trying to survive in a competitive economy. 

We have seen service providers beginning to accommodate SMEs via bundle packages and it is only a matter of time before businesses are able to incorporate their entire service needs under one roof: from hosting to packaged cloud services, SMEs will pick one supplier and be able to create their business from scratch.”

Here at RPS we accommodate SMEs with a tailor made package to suit your business needs. We can provide IT and Telecom services as part of your personalised package which is managed by us under one roof and you only get one monthly bill.

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