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Want to learn some quick shortcuts that can help you get through your daily tasks faster?

RPS have some tricks you can try to improve your productivity and help you get on with your working day.  


1. Correct your mistakes

Firstly we start with a common problem; all of us make mistakes whist using our computers throughout the day. Have you ever made the mistake of moving a file to the wrong folder and then had to frantically go through and find that file to move it back? Well there is a simpler way, press Ctrl+Z together and the file you moved will go back to its original position.


2. Snap Desktop Windows

This is one of our favourite features that can really benefit your productivity if you need to look at multiple tabs at once, it’s even better if you have double monitors because you can look at four things at once (that’s if you wanted to be that productive).

You can use your mouse to drag your windows to either side by clicking on the top and dragging it to either side of your screen, you will notice a semi-transparent box show up and when you let go of the mouse it will click into position.

Snap function

Alternative to this you can use your keyboard. Once you are on the tab you would like to move you press Windows Key + left arrow or right arrow (depending on where you want the tab to go) and this will move the tab into that position. You can also move the tab back to full screen by pressing Windows Key + up arrow.

Snap function2


3. Launch your taskbar programs using your keyboard

If you look to the bottom of your screen you will see your taskbar, this has your favourite applications pinned on it for easy access. Your taskbar applications are actually assigned a keyboard combination, the first one beginning from the windows button is number one and the rest continue to the right. For example our screenshot shows Google Chrome as number 3. Rather than clicking the application you can actually press the Windows Key and then the number you require and it will launch your application.




4. Check box multiple folders

Sometimes you may be looking to select a large number of files and don’t want to use your keyboard to select them or manually transfer them one by one. With Windows 8 you can go to the view tab and click ‘Item Check Boxes’ and you will then be able to select multiple files with your mouse by checking them.

Tick box windows 8

You also have the options to do this on Windows 7 by going to Folder Options, opening the View tab and check the box which says ‘Use check boxes to select items’ then click ok.

Tick box windows 7

tick box

You will then see a little check box appear when you hover over a folder or file which you can select and it will tick the box.


5. Pin items to Jump Lists

You can add custom pins to your taskbar which will appear when you right click the taskbar icon.If you right click the icon you will see the most recent files you’ve opened with that particular program.


You can pin any recent files you would like to access on a regular basis. For example if we look at Google Chrome we can see a recent visited site is out website, if we pin that site whenever we right click the Google Chrome icon we will be able to easily access the pin.


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